Our Services

We provide long-term, caring, supported housing for people with mental illness.

10 apartments

30 residents

3 residents in every apartment

Apartment size 5 1/2 – each resident has a private bedroom and shares common areas

Monthly fees



What the monthly fees include Housing, utilities; telephone including long distance in North America; unlimited Internet; insurance; monthly activities. Note: no pets allowed.

Criteria for consideration

To be considered, the adult individual:
  • Has a mental illness diagnosis and acknowledges it
  • Is non-violent with no history of violence
  • Has been treated for drug and alcohol addiction; he/she has been clean for at least 6 months
  • Is taking medication as prescribed
  • Has a healthcare team in place
  • Has an updated psycho-social report
  • Is willing to live in and be part of a community
  • Is willing to accept help from staff and volunteers
  • Is on social assistance or has some other form of secure, regular income
Interested? Obtain our Phone Intake Form (English and French), our House Rules and our Resident Contract through the office.