•  Are committed to our program
    • Are not abusing alcohol or drugs
    • Do not have a history of violence
    • Are willing to be connected to a hospital or social worker for professional follow-up
    • Are willing to live with others
    • Are willing to accept help
    • Are able to live in the community

and, therefore, have a lower risk of going back to hospital or back on the streets.

They come to us from families, hospitals, crisis centers and community groups. We also accept self-referrals.

What our residents say about living at Our Harbour, as collected by Diane, a resident herself:

Sabrina: “The quality of our life in Our Harbour is incomparable.”
Robert: “Exercising in a relaxed environment. We focus on the individual to accomplish matters in life. Our Harbour provides a stable environment.”
Teresa: “I want to thank the organization of Our Harbour for helping me finally get my life back on track. Thanks to you, Perveen, the staff and the wonderful volunteers for literally helping to save my life one day at a time. Thanks and God bless.”
“I’ve never laughed or smiled as much as I have since I came to Our Harbour.”