Our Programs

Our Harbour’s support for its residents living with mental illness goes well beyond providing friendly, affordable places to live. Our programs help residents build relationships, enhance their quality of life, develop valuable tools for daily living and promote their own recovery.

Facilitated by one or two volunteers each, these program activities offer an opportunity to socialize safely, help make friends and break the isolation that characterises people struggling with mental illness.

A monthly calendar typically includes:
Recreational, relaxation and skill-building activities

Workshops and information sessions

Annual and special events

Consult a calendar sample. PDF

Recreational Activities

These include movie night, pool night and game night. Birthdays are celebrated jointly with breakfast or lunch at a restaurant chosen by residents.

Relaxation Activities

Art Studio, Women’s Yoga and Meditation Group and Men’s Discussion Group.

Skill-building Activities

Cooking Groups.


Our workshops and information sessions address specific needs and involve interactive learning and problem-solving opportunities. Topics include personal hygiene and cleanliness, financial planning, nutrition and health, fitness for physical and mental health, coping with life and change, fire safety and security in the home, and developing a C.V.

Annual Events

Every year we ask residents for ideas and recommendations. Typical annual events include visiting The Lavendar Farm in St-Eustache, kayaking on the Lachine Canal, attending a BBQ at St. Gabriel’s Church, playing mini-golf at Cascades Golf and visiting the Ecomuseum.

Parties / Special Events

Our special events include a Volunteer Thank You event, the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Summer BBQ, the Thanksgiving Dinner and the Christmas Party.