Online Resources Promoting Mental Health

Here are three suggestions for websites promoting mental health and wellness from Our Harbour Board member and psychology educator, Dr. Susan Kerwin-Boudreau (only in English) offers information and resources on topics ranging from mindfulness, to yoga, to meditation and self-compassion. It includes online learning, conferences (many of which are free), podcasts and blogs. One of my favorite free resources is Mindfulness Daily with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. This 40-day introduction to mindfulness includes a brief daily lesson followed by a meditation practice. A great way to launch your mindfulness practice. (only in English) also focuses on mindfulness and meditation. It offers practical, how-to information on using mindfulness across many domains including controlling stress, anxiety and pain, improving sleep and relationships, and practicing self-care. It features articles, online training, and conferences (many of which are free). It also publishes the magazine, Mindful. You’ll enjoy exploring this website. is the Canadian Mental Health Association website and it represents the most extensive community mental health organization in Canada. Established over 100 years ago, this is your go-to place for information on how to find help and learn about mental health and illness. You can take a quiz to gauge your mental health meter and another one to measure your stress level. You’ll need some time to explore this website and you won’t be disappointed. For example, there’s a special section on Covid-19 and mental health. You may also read about national programs to promote mental health including peer support, bounce back and workplace mental health. Their blog features many interesting articles like Move for your mood and You can learn to think and feel better (featuring the national Bounce Back program). A wealth of information on mental health and wellness awaits you.

Additional Resources: (English only) This website organizes countless substance-use topics and can help navigate the recovery process. Access their free web guide about drugs, alcohol, and recovery from addiction. 

What is Alcohol Poisoning? from the Alcohol Rehab Guide, When too much alcohol is consumed and the body cannot process the amount, there can be very serious consequences. By has many new videos, resources and tools on suicide prevention, including a texting hotline available 24/7 at