Ressources Web Utiles

Here are some suggestions for worthwhile websites promoting mental health and wellness from Our Harbour Board member and psychologist, Dr Susan Kerwin-Boudreau.

She writes: is my first choice. If you go to the website, near to the top of the first page you will see Free Teachings & Tools for Inner Balance, Calm & Clarity: Resilience in Challenging Times—a new resource for everyone.

After clicking on the Access Now button, scroll down to Mindfulness Daily/Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach-a free 40-day training program. Click Add to cart and go to CHECKOUT. As of now, IT IS FREE, (although you can purchase other materials on this website – I always check out the freebies. I have done this entire program – it is excellent (each daily lesson about 8-10 minutes, including a daily meditation practice).

My second suggestion is I have signed up for the free newsletter and get info daily in my inbox from them – all free. One can certainly subscribe to their magazine – again – I go for the freebies.

You could also consider PositivePsychology. com, but they are frequently after me to buy stuff so I am less inclined to explore their site.