Thanksgiving Dinner at the  Clubhouse was no Small Feast 

When I first arrived, I almost didn’t recognize the Clubhouse, but I kind of knew I was in for something special. The volunteers’ barbeque last summer had given me a taste of the Our Harbour community’s generosity. I was not disappointed.

Dinner was served on one very long table, beautifully decorated and lit. There were so many courses. Every traditional dish was made with joy and love. Residents, volunteers, and staff members gathered happily, greeting each other warmly, and talking good-naturedly all evening.

I could feel myself starting to relax a bit, letting my guard down and enjoying myself. I talked to a number of people. I can feel myself changing a little. Not quite as much of a loner. It’s not just the hours of cooking that go into preparing the Thanksgiving meal that I’m grateful for, although it’s certainly part of it, for sure. I’m also thankful to have a safe space to go to, and opportunities to enjoy an evening with people. I feel so grateful to be a part of the OH community that dotes on its members, giving us so many reasons to smile.

Thank you for a wonderful, memorable Thanksgiving!

Chantal, a resident