Team Blue

Michael and Jamie

Thoughts from the trail: 40 km into a 55-km trail ultramarathon, one invariably asks “why am I doing this?”. Our legs were tired, the sun was beating down, we had been running for 7 hours and fatigue was setting in. Mentally, we were exhausted and the last 15 km to the finish line seemed never-ending. We had to dig deep. We began reminding each other why we were doing this, joking that we paid to enter this race and put ourselves through this, telling each other how great the beer will taste once we cross the finish line. More than that, we weren’t just running a 55-km trail to say we can do it, we were running it for a cause, Our Harbour.  A cause that lies close to Jamie’s heart. 
Jamie has been dealing with panic and anxiety for many years. Some days are good and on others it is enough just to climb out of bed. Michael helped her to get into running, which they both found very therapeutic. Running has been an amazing outlet for Jamie, helping her to manage her anxiety and panic better.
Jamie and Michael have been running for 3 years and they call themselves TEAM BLUE. The name came to them one day when they happened to be running with the same color shirt and it just kind of stuck. After completing races ranging from 10-km to full marathons, they decided it was time to do a 50-km ultra trail marathon and do it for a cause.
The race, Ultra Trail du Bout du Monde, took place in the third week of September at National Park Forillon in the Gaspé along the Appalachian Trail.  After 18 weeks of training, they could not believe the race was upon them. It was a perfect day. The fall colors were in full effect, the air was crisp, and the sun was shining. The race was wonderful. They ran through the mountains, along the cliff edges and beside the ocean. They saw seals and whales and even encountered a porcupine. They completed the race in 9 hours and 15 minutes, with Jamie finishing among the top ten women.
Finishing the race was an incredible accomplishment for Jamie and Michael and it was made even better knowing they could do it for Our Harbour.   CG

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