Pina (Giuseppina) Greco

Grazie mille!

Pina (Giuseppina) Greco (seen here with husband Stephen Schaller) stepped down from her role as Secretary of the Our Harbour Board at the 2022 AGM. She came on board in 2019, contributing professionalism and efficiency while embodying a spirit of warmth, caring and playfulness. She was an expert with Robert’s Rules of Order and could magically transform a wealth of ideas into a nicely turned motion or resolution!

Pina structured and streamlined Board meetings and minute-keeping with patience and elegance. She kept Board meetings going consistently through the vagaries of COVID, mastering the arts of ZOOM and hybrid meetings with panache! We miss you Pina!

Happily, Pina remains involved with the Our Harbour community. Her legacy is alive and well in the hands of Eric Godin and current Board Secretary Edna Ouellette, a veteran Board member.      

Eric Godin