Our Team

Dolly Shinhat, Director General

Dolly has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of fundraising and philanthropy. She joined Our Harbour in March 2017 when she took on the new role of Director General. Her vision is to make sure that Our Harbour develops secure and long-term sources of financial and volunteer support to sustain the organization’s mission. At Our Harbour, she enjoys working with the Board, the staff team and the dedicated volunteers; they are truly a family. “Having a close relationship with the people that we serve makes working at Our Harbour very meaningful,” says Dolly.

Phillip Otto, Coordinator

Phillip Otto recently joined the Our Harbour team as our second part-time Coordinator. A problem-solver and people person with a Masters in Social Work, he will be able to draw upon his diverse experiences across three countries to help our residents. As Covid-19 restrictions compromised the staff's usual interactions with residents, he led implementation of a regular Street Cafe. Providing frequent distanced opportunities for coffee, cookies and conversation, it has been quite a hit. He is also an accomplished marathoner, in for the long haul.

Chloë Leveque, Coordinator

Chloë first joined Our Harbour as a volunteer a couple of years ago. Her volunteer work led her to reorient her educational path towards a more hands-on, applied career in Psychology rather than the research-oriented trajectory sha had imagined for herself. Happily, Chloë has been a good fit. Last summer, she worked with us full-time through the Canada Summers Jobs program and has now rejoined the team as Co-Coordinator. Chloë and Phil, being aficionados of the outdoors and exercise, have also worked together to provide a range of outdoor activities.