Our Stagiaires

Interns from several college and university programs cycle through Our Harbour every year. In Quebec, they are often known by the French term stagiare rather than intern.
Alexandria Hill brought her special smile, warm enthusiasm and evident competence to Our Harbour in 2016. When asked to reflect on her time with us, here is what she wrote:
alexsmilebwbkgrndWhere do I begin? Although the time I’ve spent with Our Harbour was short, the memories and experiences I’ve gained will last me a lifetime. I feel so very fortunate to have gotten to work with the staff, volunteers and residents who have welcomed me with open arms and kindness from the very beginning.
I would like to thank Perveen and Jennifer for always showing support and guidance during challenging moments. Thank you, ladies, for being consistently amazing towards me and everyone that you encounter. You make the hardest of work and longest of days seem effortless by doing it all with a smile.
To the incredible and dedicated volunteers, I am continuously in awe of all that you do for this organization. You’ve all taken time from your lives to do anything from participating in special activities to accompanying our residents to appointments. Your passion for helping others, your dedication as well as your overall kindness is felt by all.
To the residents, you have all touched my heart in some way. You are all shining examples of what perseverance really means. Whether we saw one another on a weekly basis or exchanged in conversation from time to time, you have all blown me away with your incredible strength and resilience. Each and every resident at our harbour is outstanding in their own unique way.
The name Our Harbour could not be any more fitting to what this organization is. The truth is that this organization is truly OUR harbour, for the staff, the volunteers, and the residents. Here every single person is valued and treated like a friend. I am leaving our harbour having learned a little bit more about kindness, dedication, compassion and that sometimes just listening can take you a long way. Most importantly I will take the strength of each and every resident with me when times are difficult. Thank you to everyone involved with Our Harbour for teaching me infinitely more than I could have ever imagined.