Tributes to Almut

Almut died suddenly at 58 years of age. She was of East German origin; her family came to Canada when she was 5 years old. She lived at Our Harbour for five very happy years. The family stated that after years of chaos, pain, hardship and homelessness, Almut blossomed at OH and these years with us were the happiest and most stable of her life.
Her Brother Horst and sister-in-law Margaret were her favorite relatives and she had a standing date with Horst for Kentucky Fried chicken every Tuesday.
Almut’s quiet dignity and very sweet manner endeared her to all who knew her. She was never in conflict with anyone. This little wilted bud began to blossom at OH. Once she got her hair cut (courtesy of an OH volunteer), there was no stopping her. She went on shopping sprees for clothes and makeup etc and never stopped her self improvement. Almut loved life; she baked, cooked and made the best potato salad.  She happily participated in activities, be they the museum or the theatre etc.
Almut started painting classes at OH and then she joined the Latino dance group…
Almut went happily; laughing and dancing… keep it up wherever you are. We love and miss you Almut.

Perveen Khokhar (Coordinator)

Memories of Almut Treder
From Diana, a resident
Here are a few words I would like to share..
Almut, Almut was a gentle soul.  Her peacefulness shined through and her strength was very special.
I loved her very much.
Her comforting words in times of distress spilled over and her thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.
God Bless you Almut and may the Angels in heaven look over you forever and ever!
Love Diana H.
Teresa, a resident in apartment 3, has the following to say about Almut:-
On St Valentine’s Day in 2011, I was a very new resident at OH and I was feeling very alone. The next thing I know, I received a call from Almut wishing me a very happy St Valentine’s Day. She lifted up my spirits by her thinking of me. I will miss Almut for her coffee, sweets and conversation and most of all for her sweet, gentle thoughtfulness.
Krista, another residents says the following;-
I am very sorry that we have lost such a wonderful, kind and gentle friend. I will miss Almut very much.
Mary Ann, a volunteer
From the beginning of Almut’s stay with Our Harbour, she participated in group activities: hiking, swimming, outings to museums and the theatre. She enjoyed a good laugh and she loved to go shopping.  Almut was always ready to participate in whatever was proposed.
This fall she joined the art class and attended the first Latin dance class.  She enjoyed crocheting and made a number of projects that she hapily showed to others.  She was always thinking about others and was a friend to her roomates as well as the volunteers that visited.
Almut and I visited every week to two weeks and talked by phone. She was a good friend to me and she will be missed.