Volunteering 2018

Our Harbour’s mission would simply not be possible without volunteers. Volunteers provide the caring, the community and the compassion that makes Our Harbour so much more than simply long-term housing for people with mental illness.

Volunteer Party

Volunteers, staff and residents assembled for the Volunteer Appreciation Party

As a token of our appreciation, on Thursday, April 19, Our Harbour residents and staff threw a thank-you party! Regine’s special punch, an array of savouries and sweets, including tea, coffee and resident Jacqueline’s signature chocolate cake, accompanied an afternoon of meeting and greeting.

John Reid

New volunteers Dennis Armstrong, John Reid and returning volunteer Jocelyn Brace Saulnier were introduced.
Residents spoke warmly about how much they appreciate our volunteers and presented gifts of coffee mugs containing personal messages, painted during Open Art Studios with volunteer Jess Gardner. And the many Our Harbour residents who themselves volunteer (at Our Harbor events and activities, at local community organizations, as drivers, and for on-call repairs in apartments) were recognized and received a small gift in recognition of their service to the community.
Altogether a joyous and celebratory afternoon!
Special thanks to another volunteer, Susan Gardner, for always making us feel so welcome at St. Francis of Assisi church.

Dolly Shinhat, Director General

To find out more about volunteering at Our Harbour, please contact Dolly at 450-671-9160