Donor List

A sincere thank you to all of YOU: our donors and supporters for your generosity – on behalf of the Residents, Staff, Volunteers and Board Members of Le Havre à nous / Our Harbour.
These donations were received between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.
9 anonymous donations
Aiken Sr., Ronald
Atelier Picasso Encadreur
Barlow, Jane
Barnes, Wendy
Beattie, Eleanor
Beauregard, Melanie
Beck, Martha
Belisle, Michel
Belisle, Pierre
Bilodeau, Jocelyne
Borlace, Patricia
Boudens-Alexander, Beppie
Bouzi, Regine
Bresba, Mary-Ann
Campbell, Harvey
Candiac Wednesday Group
Cantor, Hector
Carr, Marilyn
Carr, John
Carrier, Paul
Centraide of Greater Montreal
Cherry, James
Cheung, Gretchen
Cheung, Liam
Club de Curling St. Lambert – Day Ladies
Collin, Gilles
Collins-Botros, Susan
Comeau, Sylvia
Couser, George
Coyle, Theresa
Cruchet, Judy
Cusiac, Ileana
Cyr, Rosemary
Cyr, Mary
de Grandpré, Ellen G.
Denny, Diane
Domachevsky, Ronald
Dowling, Hilda
Duguay, Jean-Pierre
Duguid, Barbara and Ernie
Dupuis, Robert
Dupuis, Anne-Lise
Dyson-St. Germain, Jennifer
Eastwood, Margaret
Ellison, Penny
Evdokias, John
Fednav Limitée / Fednav Limited
Fondation Jacques Francoeur
Freedman, Vivien
Fresco, James
Gaudreau, Johanne
Gardner, Susan
Gazzard-Desrosiers, Joan
Gillbert, Catherine
Gillies Eilleen
Glysse, Francine
Godley, John
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Government of Canada
Government of Quebec
GowriSankarn, Kohur
Griss, Maryanne
H.O.P.E., St Mary’s Parish
Hay-Ellis, Ginette J.
Horvat, Stan
Houda-Pepin, Fatima
Houlihan, Timothy
Iacobacci, Mario
Ishayek, Rouben
Jackson, Margaret
Jarmila, Philipp
Jones, Elizabeth A.
Jones, Ronald
Kerwin, Monica
Kerwin-Borrelli, Honore
Kerwin-Boudreau, Susan
Kerwin-Jones, Eileen
Khokhar, Perveen
Lacoursière, Jill
Lacroix, Lucille
Lane, Midge
Lang, Jonathan and Jane Horvat
Languay, Heather
Laroche, Linda
Lefebvre, Margaret
Leigh, Constance
Lepage, Anna
Lepine, Carolle
LeWarne, Kathleen
Libby, Sandra
Lion’s Club of St. Lambert Inc.
Ljutic, Anton
Lloyd, Megin
Louson, Andrew
Magher, Linda
Malone, Michael
Maltais, Louise
Malysh, Jamie
Marchant, Anne Marie and Janice
Martin, Gretchen
McConnell, Jane
McCormack, Olga
McCusker, Jane
Estate of Mary McGovern
McKinnon, Ann
Ménard, Nicole – Deputée de Laporte
Mendès, Alexandra – Member of Parliament
Montpetit, Haley
Munro, James
Nine and Dine Golf Group
Noble, Lorette and Christopher
O’Malley, Mary
O’Dwyer, Renée
Onyszchuk, Mario
Ouellette, Edna
Owens, Patricia
Perryman, Winnifred
Photo René
Pincombe, Charlene
Plouffe-Barbery, Colette
Potvin, Jeanne
Pozer, Dale
Prendergast, Renée
Prettie, Barbara
Psychedelia! A painting fundraiser!
Ratzer, Gerald
Régnier, Lesley
Richards, Claire and Gordon
Roberts, Audrey
Rocke, Charles
Romanado, Sherry
Ross, Bob
Roy, Guy and Francine Grise
Sanderson, Jacqueline
Sankar, Priyamvada
Schurman, Judith and Dave
Shinhat, Dolly
Shufelt, Michael
Smalridge, Brian and Beverly
Smart, Gerald W.
Smith, Sylvia
Smith, Josephine
Soares, Joan
Speiran, Penelope
Spencer, Marlene
St. Augustine Women’s Guild
St. Barnabas Church Coffee Fund
St. Gabriel’s Breakfast Club
St. Lambert United Church Women
Stephenson, Kimberley
Stride Coté, Beverly
Stuart, Okill
T. Ingram Interiors Inc
Taddeo, Donat
Taylor, Beverley and Harry
Team Blue – Jaimie Malysh and Michael Shufelt
The Men’s Club Holy Cross
Thibeault, Yolande
Thomson, Christopher
Tisner, Marilyn
Tremblay, Diana
Vaillancourt, Céline
Vilela, Claire
Volterra, Vito
Warden, Susan
Waters, Katherine
Watson, Jane
Weynandt, Nicole
Whyte, Elinor
Wiebe, Paul
Wigglesworth, David John
Wojtowicz, Elisabeth
Woodruff, Peter & Susan
Zaslousky, Marilyn
We sincerely thank the Chartered Accounting firm of Desautels Di Santo Inc., and particularly Mr. Sam Del Giudice, for their generosity in preparing Le Havre à Nous / Our Harbour’s Financial Statements.
Every effort is made to publish an accurate list. If you notice any errors or omissions, please accept our apologies. Please call us at 450-671-9160.