Lesley Régnier

Lesley Régnier and her sister Joan (standing)

People well beyond the Our Harbour community are mourning the recent loss of Lesley Régnier (1941-2022).  As a Board director and active volunteer almost since our beginning in 2003, she helped shape what we are today.

Ever the consummate helper, she was known for her special touch with residents. Frustrated by health restrictions that barred her from visiting the Our Harbour Street Café during the height of COVID-19, she baked a cake every week, ensuring that the residents had a homemade treat.

She was also known for her long hours as a volunteer in palliative care at the Montreal General and then in the emergency department at the Glen. In our diverse city, her knowledge of five languages and strict work ethic served the patients well. She was also active in the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning, where she was still editing their newsletter in the last weeks of her life.

Her excellent language skills were fine-tuned through studying modern languages in the UK and serving as a translator at Hydro-Quebec. They came in handy translating government documents and producing, translating and editing our own newsletter and other publications.

She was a great friend, and she is much missed. For those of us in Saint-Lambert, the vision of her determinedly walking into the village aided by her signature two sticks reminds us that, with enough heart, we can overcome almost anything.

Catherine Gillbert, Past President