Psychedelia: Love is in the Air!

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What a wonderful event yesterday! High hearts all around!

We welcomed Psychedelia veterans, new painters, network partners, volunteers, family and friends, and, for the first time, residents!! The whole famn damily (as my father-in-law used to say). A total of 52 painters plus volunteers and helpers. I’m in the process of adding up the revenues and expenses to report to the IF, but I believe this event was, and has always been, a great success in addition to the positive financial results. 

Many many thanks to all of you who bought tickets and/or volunteered to make this event so much fun and such a success.

A shout out to Susan K-B for elegantly emceeing her first Psychedelia,  Jody for the delicious food (so many great comments on the food!), Susan L for stepping up to translate for Judy, cool-as-a-cucumber Gretchen who made coffee, sold draw tickets and then stepped in to do instantaneous translation (wow!), Peter and Chloe our official photographers, bar-tender Lesley and Edna also on the sales team… and all the residents who volunteered with set up and clean up, especially Monika at the door, and Mario and Robert who did dishes.

Also, many thanks to Gordon Justy of SLUC who ensured a smooth transition between an important church luncheon and Psychedelia. The Saint-Lambert United Church Women were generous is allowing the use of mugs, wine glasses and the kitchen to heat up food. It was perfect to hold this event at SLUC, in Memorial Hall. Thank you.

My apologies if I have overlooked anyone … thank you! Additional photos will be posted on Facebook. Please feel free to share yours there too. Dolly

Judy has a couple of reminders for veterans of the Psychedelia training:

1. SLICK (available at Michael’s) in white (or any colour) will add dimension to your painting.

2. Liquitex Gloss Varnish (available at Omer des Serres) to coat the surface of your new painting