Billy Douthwright

February 13, 1971 – November 8, 2017


Billy was a long time resident of Our Harbour.
He was of Oneida heritage and he had spent the last year finding out more about his roots. He was a talented artist and his later work was much influenced by his ancestry. Unfortunately, his untimely death from a rare form of cancer prevented him from reaching his dream of becoming an architect for Canada’s indigenous peoples.
Billy was a wonderful resident who will be greatly missed by staff, volunteers and the other residents. He was caring of his roommates, was always willing to help out, was a spokesperson for Our Harbour and took a leadership role within our community – making suggestions, organizing outings and participating in activities with enthusiasm.
In his final days, he said how much Our Harbour had meant to him; he had found friendship, community and had been given the opportunity to find out who he really was. He spoke enthusiastically about the outings in the countryside; he mentioned one glorious autumn day when many of us climbed Mont St Hilaire and had a picnic on the summit.
Billy, you will be missed so much.
Catherine Gillbert for Our Harbour

Top of the mountain

Billy painting at Lavender Farm

Billy especially liked this photo, showing him standing beside one of his masks at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Below: Photos of Mont Saint-Hilaire by Billy Douthwright