Bigger numbers, more responsibility

At the beginning of July, and again in October, Our Harbour opened new doors to homes for even more residents. With our seventh and eighth apartments up and running, six newcomers with diverse backgrounds joined our community, bringing the total to 24! One of them is a former resident, warmly welcomed back to Our Harbour after some time away. Others have been referred to us through social workers, family, or on their own initiative.

Susan, Colette, Sylvia, Edna, and Regine setting up apartment 7

What all have in common is the need for a warm and compassionate community. Our Harbour’s support helps them weave a safe and stable environment where they can fill out their lives. At Our Harbour, mental illness is understood and embraced; it does not define the people who come here seeking friends, acceptance and security.
We are grateful for the many contributions that allowed us to furnish and equip these two apartments. We must thank the Jacques Francoeur Foundation and Mary McGovern. A big thank you to Coordinator Regine Bouzi and summer students Hayley Montpetit and Ameer Nizami for their able assistance in setting up these apartments.
Your gifts make a life worth living for our residents. Beyond providing a caring and cost-effective home, your donations fund professional supervision, practical workshops, creative activities, cultural outings, and social visits for all 24 residents. Together, these activities encourage them to build or regain the self-confidence, independence, money-management skills, personal care habits, good nutrition and health-care routines that inspire their efforts toward volunteering, resuming education or exploring working opportunities.  SKB
With 60% more residents at Our Harbour this year, your gift is more important than ever. Please be generous.

“Giving Tuesday” marks the official opening of Our Harbour’s 2017 fall campaign.
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