Allan Returns!

It seems as if we are starting a second cycle at Our Harbour: not only do we now have a director general, but some previous residents are returning after many years of living away. One of these is Alain Tisner.
Allan joined us in our early days and left after a few years because he felt stable enough to live on his own. However, now he has returned for two reasons, first, because he has recently received a new diagnosis and is having trouble adjusting to the new medication. Second, his aunt, Marilyn Tisner, who has been his primary support for many years and was never happy about his decision to leave Our Harbour, would like to see him settled in a more secure environment as she gets older.

He is very happy to be back. He has made a new friend in his apartment; together they are frequently out together walking or having coffee or a meal in St. Lambert.  He is looking forward to the discussion group for men that a new volunteer is organizing, and he anticipates that once his medication has been stabilized he will be well enough to join the others on the next outing. It is good to know that after all these years he still has fond memories of Our Harbour and is happy to be home.  CG