A Few Words from President of the Board, Marie Muldowney

The mission of Our Harbour is to support and assist residents with mental illness in their quest for greater independence and autonomy. Our Harbour relies on the work of a dedicated staff focused on resident care, planning, fund-raising and ensuring the wellbeing of the residents. Our Harbour is supported by many volunteers without whom Our Harbour would not function – the apartment volunteers, those who lead resident activities, those who participate in fundraising and the members of the Board

Our Harbour is grateful for the financial support provided by government, charitable organizations, corporations and individual donors. The pandemic has cast a spotlight on mental health and there has been a concerted effort to lift the stigma attached to mental ill-health.

In 2022, Our Harbour expanded with the addition of two new apartments and six new residents. The staff have been hard at work interviewing potential residents for the places available and preparing for their integration into the Our Harbour family. The effort has been supported by several volunteers who have worked diligently to furnish and decorate the new apartments and install appliances – all coordinated by the staff. 

I would be remiss if I did not highlight the hard work and dedication of our outgoing President, Catherine Gillbert. Catherine has been a tireless leader and advocate for the Our Harbour cause. As the incoming President, I am conscious of the size of the shoes to be filled.